Collection: Specks & Keepings

After two decades of designing clothing, Debra Weiss is thrilled to be able to create home-sewing patterns of some of her favorite designs. Now on offer is the Camille Dress pattern, one of her most beloved jumpers. Other patterns coming soon include: the April Skirt, the Charlotte Dress, the Gilbert Jacket, and the Inka Pants. So stay tuned…

Each garment is carefully constructed so as to be worn comfortably by those of different ages, body types and genders. Although some garments are tailored to fit snuggly, many of them have a loose fit with an adjustable feature. This allows her clothing to fit various shapes, sizes or to simply be worn different ways. 

With the belief that every garment should be as useful as it is beautiful. Her clothing is designed to be worn everyday, to improve with age and leave you smiling. We can’t wait to see how you make and wear Debra’s designs!