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Lina's Thobe

Lina's Traditional Thobe

Lina's Traditional Thobe

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This item is for the PRINTING of Lina's Traditional Thobe sewing pattern which can be used for the Craft Your Dream Thobe course, a step-by-step guided journey to a unique and handmade Palesntinian Dress.

Please upload the A0/copyshop pattern file, which is included with the course materials.

For more info on what to do, please visit our FAQS!

You’re right for Craft Your Dream Thobe if you want to create a Palestinian thobe from scratch, one that is as unique as your story and reminiscent of the beautifully handcrafted dresses made by our ancestors.

Craft Your Dream Thobe is right for you if you’re ready to embrace the deliberately slow and steady pace of bringing to life a masterpiece – one that would make Teta proud. It's an endeavor that, even if you're miles away from your ancestral land, inherently connects you to Palestine.

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