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Blackbird Fabrics

Blackbird Fabrics Bestie Bag

Blackbird Fabrics Bestie Bag

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This item is for the PATTERN PRINTING of Blackbird Fabrics' Bestie Bag. 

Please upload the A0 PDF file for the view you would like printed.  Both Sizes with All Views is a 3-page pattern.  Medium Bag with Views A & B and Large Bag with Views C & D are two separate 2-page patterns.

For more info on what to do, please visit our FAQS!

To purchase the pattern, please visit Blackbird Fabric's Bestie Bag.

Meet the Bestie Bag! From everyday errands to life's greatest adventures, this bag will be your cute new sidekick. The Bestie Bag is a banana-shaped carry-all companion with four different views, so you can tailor its size, straps, and pockets to suit your needs and style!


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